Application for New Business

Processing of Application for New Business

SCHEDULE OF AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE: Monday- Friday, 8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM (Without Noon break)

1. Barangay Business Clearance
2. Land Tax Clearance
3. Community Tax Certificate
4. 2×2 Picture with Nametag
5. 1 Valid ID (photocopy only)
6. Sketch of Location
7. Lease Contract, if space/ area is rented
8. Others (depending on the line of business)

DURATION: 2 hour, 50 minutes

Step Applicant/ Client Service Provider Duration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances) Person/s In-Charge Fee Form
1 Present the requirements to the License Assessor Check and verify the requirements presented. 5 minutes Assessor No fees required None
Schedule an inspection. 3 minutes Assessor/Inspector No fees required None
If documents are incomplete, advise the client to submit the lacking documents.
Wait for the ocular inspection of the establishment. Inspect establishment/ area of operation. I hour License Inspector/ Joint Inspection Team No fees required None
2 Go back to Business Permit and Licensing Department (BPLD) and present all requirements to the License Assessor. Check the documents and  provide assessment/ tentative computation of fees. 10  minutes Assessor Business Permit Fees based on the 2007 Revenue Code Assessment Form with computation, Application Form and Billing Statement
Ask for a tentative computation of Pemit Fees Review the assessment. 3 minutes Authorized Officers
Approve the assessment 3.minutes Authorized Officers
Encode, bill and print the application form 15 minutes Assessor
Sign on the application form and on the billing statement. 3 minutes Authorized Officers
Advise the client to proceed to Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) for the payment of Fire Fees and approval of application and proceed to City Treasurer’s Office for the payment of Business Pemit Fees. 1 minute Assessor
3 GO to BFP for the assessment and payment of Fire Fees Assess Fire Fees 25 minutes BFP Staff Fire Fees based on the Fire Code Official Receipt (BFP)
Collect payment BFP Collection Officer
Sign on the application form BFP Approving Officer
4 Go to City Treasurer’s Office and pay. Ask for the business plate after payment. Collect payment. 25 minutes Revenue Collection Officer Amount indicated on the Billing Statement and on the Engineering Assessment 2 Official Receipts
Advise the client to proceed to BPLD for the printing, approval and release of business permit.
5 Proceed to Business Permit and License Division and present the documents with official receipts Print business permit 5.minutes Assessor No fees required Business Permit
Review and countersign business permit. 2 minutes Division Head
Approve business permit 5 minutes City Mayor/ Authorized Representative
Segregate and release Business Permit. 5.minutes Assessor