Drizzling rain and muddy ground did not stop them in proudly showcasing their vibrant culture to the avid audience from around the globe, not to mention the Filipinos who have long been hooked in their dramas and music.

With the 102 alluring Koreans in their world-class performances, everyone were left in awe during the ASEAN Scouts Cultural Night on November 28, 2017 at the Grand Arena of E-Park, Apokon, Tagum City.

“Everyone has put on a lot of effort and they’ve been very outstanding… through the effort that they have put in, it’s more than what I’ve expected. It’s really fantastic!” Singapore Chief Commissioner Antong Shahrudin Rahmat zealously expressed his commendation in an interview after the Koreans displayed their prowess in dancing and singing.

Come rain or shine, the International Youth Fellowship through The Righteous Stars back to back with the Gracias Music Middle and High School served over and above their purpose in taking part in the 6th ASEAN Scout Jamboree as spectators hailed in astonishment in each of their performance. Our Love from the Star

Who would ever miss the chance of witnessing the jawdropping performance of the oppa in white doboks and the unnie in brightly colored hanboks?

The heat was on despite the sullen weather as the oppa exhibited their snappy and striking traditional Taekwondo Dance that shows the strong mind of Koreans.

Through their unique dance, Brunei Assistant Commissioner Effayane Haji Salam articulated her appreciation, “For about three times joining the jamboree, this is the first time I saw this kind of performance — the martial arts. I think the scout members should learn it. All of us should learn it for our protection.”

Upon taking the floor, the unnie seemingly brought the onlookers to Korea with their colorful and symbolic Pate Pate, Sorrow and Fan Dance, which evidently touched the assistant commissioner.

“Apart from their beauty and the special costume they wear, I really like their very sweet and memorable culture. Thank God we saw it here in the Philippines and share it with others,” Haji Salam said.

These talented oppa and unnie comprise The Righteous Stars, a group of cultural performers who brighten everyone’s mood amidst the gloomy weather through their dances and smiles just like the stars that brighten up the night sky.

This dance troupe is part of the International Youth Fellowship, a spiritual-based worldwide youth organization which raises leaders with a global insight through youth education, activities, and provide realistic solutions to problems in the global village. Voice over Power

Just like angels sent from heaven above, Gracias Music Middle and High School together with conductor, Sergey Svoysky, captivated the hearts of the crowd as they sang two world-renowned Christmas carols and one Philippine patriotic song.

On top of their angelic voice, people were totally mesmerized upon hearing the Koreans sing “Silent Night” and “Oh Come All Ye Faithful” due to the fact that they come from a country that does not teach English to a high level yet they were able to sing the song superbly and build a connection to their audience.

Filipinos from different parts of the country, which comprised the most number of participants in this year’s ASEAN Jamboree, never had a single thought that they would hear from Koreans a patriotic song popularized by Freddie Aguilar during the Marcos regime, “Bayan Ko.”

The crowd acclaimed in unison after realizing what they sang.

Scout Casey Tatad from Cebu Contingent conveyed her astonishment of their rendition saying, “It was really unexpected because I thought that they’re not into it. I was really shocked that they were able to sing one Filipino song, even better than I could. ”

To answer that baffling question in your mind as to why they didn’t sing a K-pop song, which many Filipinos are dying to hear, here is a volunteer from Korea who tried to explain the reason behind the songs they rendered.

Song Ju Hwan, a member of International Youth Fellowship, believed that for them to communicate with the audience, they should choose songs that are familiar to most of the contingents. “Even though we’ll sing Korean song, they won’t understand,” Song playfully said.

“We want to communicate with them. They would really wonder what we’re singing and we would never witness those priceless response of the audience if we sang a Korean song,” he added.

Gracias Music Middle and High School was established to nurture young musicians so that they can learn and treat music with sincerity, and consequently mold them into world-renowned musicians that perform for the benefit of others rather than themselves.

With what the fast-changing society brings, many tend to forget where they came from and what they live for. Through the presentations wrapped like gifts from Santa, each were reminded to embrace and share their culture, and live for others just as a true scout should do. CAROL LAMBAJON/CIO Tagum



Performers from South Korea are the crowd’s favorite during the ASEAN Cultural Night last November 28, 2017. ARNIE B. GRAJO, Contributor from Digos City