BEAT THE HEAT: Doctor bares ways to combat drying heat

Imagine yourself barefoot on a road with muddy puddles, sharp stones, and such other debris while the heat of the sun prickles your skin causing your body temperature to rise. The road ahead is long, and all throughout, there are burning obstacles. Surviving the path may be hard, but it is, however, not impossible.

Despite the rising temperature, the second day of the 6th ASEAN Jamboree pushes through, marked by the exacting challenges faced by approximately 30,000 scouts today, November 28, at Energy Park, Apokon Road, Tagum City.

Mavic M. Viccaya, the outfit adviser from the local council of Nueva Viscaya stated that such exposure to heat is not an excuse for them not to do their duties as a scout.

According to Maridee Sebumpan a Pediatric Resident Doctor, too much exposure to heat may cause abnormally high body temperature. Furthermore, most of the cases reported during the event were dehydration and fever for not having sufficient amount of water in the body.

Here are some heat survival guides from Doctor Sebumpan to avoid the consequences of disproportionate exposure to sun:


DRINK PLENTY OF WATER. Dehydration occurs when more water and fluids leave the body than what enters. Drinking enough water supplies the body ample of water which maintains the body’s fluid balance. It regulates body temperature and transports nutrients throughout your system.


APPLY MOISTURIZER. One common condition of heat exposure is having a dry skin. As advised by Dr. Sebumpan, applying moisturizer would be quite necessary to prevent this uncomfortable problem. Having a dry skin is also an implication of dehydration.


Heat becomes one of the constant enemies the scout will have to face and overcome. Surviving the path of extreme heat may be very hard but utilizing these two tips would help you conquer and beat the heat. Sarah Ella Marie Matuguina/CIO Tagum