Camp Chief: “Scouting changed my life”

Small, scrawny and lacking in confidence- that was how Mayor Allan L. Rellon was during his youth. But now, he has become a charismatic leader oozing with confidence.

His secret to his transformation? Scouting. He recalled his first provincial jamboree and how he failed in his first challenge, the marble relay. Everybody laughed and bullied him for his failure. This lit up a fire inside the future city mayor as he trained himself to the limit and won in the same challenge the following jamboree.

This first scouting hurdle started the foundation for his resilience. The Camp Chief took pride in his resilience. Stating how it helped him overcome many adversaries not just in politics, but in life as well.

Another scouting memory the Mayor shared was from the 1984 National Jamboree in Bohol. He was assigned as troop leader yet nobody listened to him due to his short stature. He eventually earned the respect of his subordinates but it also taught him a lesson he never forgot. He said the experience taught him to not expect everyone to follow you even if you’re the leader. So you must be willing to adapt to these types of situations.

Scouting for him was one of the best life teachers he had. It helped mold him to the person he is to this day. He took every scouting lesson to heart as he soared through the top of Tagum City’s administrative chain.

According to Mayor Rellon, he became so passionate about scouting because of how much he liked the idea of the youth forging friendships with one another and improving together as people. He saw scouting as a character builder for the youth in their formative years. This pushed him to promote the scouting movement in Tagum City and hopes to spread its influence further.

“Lord Baden-Powell created the scouting movement to create a better future for the youth and to mold respectable members of the society. I also hope to do the same for the Filipino youth.” Rellon said.

The Boy Scout has its 12-point scout law and the Camp Chief Mayor Allan L. Rellon is one of the inheritors of its will. He lives and breathes the scout law and cites it as one of the factors for his immense success in life. Scouting transformed him from an unconvincing leader to the captivating leader that warrants attention. JET LEMUEL M. SALAZAR/CIO Tagum


The Camp Chief with his wife Yhora Mae and son Tyler — both members of the Boys Scouts of the Philippines