Scouting: One Survival key

Under the heat of the sun, the adventurers strolled to their next module on the dusty road of Banana Beach in Tagum City, Philippines. But with their charged emotions of enthusiasm, their positive approach in the weather and exhaustion portrays their eagerness to make more memoirs and learning of their passion, Scouting.

The next module they were into centers on survival in their challenge. Four stations were set to complete the mission of the voyagers which is the Module Three: Campcraft and Wood Craft. Emergency Shelter, Emergency Survival cooking, Compass Reading and Backpacking served as their post anchors to guide them to withstand or survive.

As taught to the scouts in module three, their objective is to survive in life that’s incorporated with circumstances. Alternatives were therefore taught to them as it stands as the survival kit. Wood is the closest source of alternatives specifically, in Emergency Shelter and Emergency Survival Cooking. The scouts were introduced to the types dwelling both for watery and dry areas. Techniques in cooking using wood were also highlighted in the survival talk.

The bamboo made shelters distributed solely stood as examples for the scouts’s guide of emergency shelters in its fenced station. While in the next station, a cloud of smoke will welcome you because the scouts in mission to cook an egg were producing their fire using their woods by rubbing it until it creates one. But what matters in their mission in that station was their way on how to cook the egg. Various strategies were applied by the hardworking scouts and they used barbeque style, mud style and many more.

According to Porferio Picar and Mike Leopardas, emergency shelter and survival cooking modulators, the assignment which was tasked to them symbolizes the impact of unity and solidarity. The woods compiled by the laces portray unity as well as solidarity. While Zennoe Zabdil Villanueva, Senior Scout from Bohol Council supported their statement and added that the wood used as source of survival also represents life and and individuals.

In addition, while setting flames through wood to cook an egg, Zennoe emphasized in his quote that “ the more wood, the more it stables the flame” which was connected to the theme emphasized by the 6th ASEAN Jamboree he participated.“ The more people united, the more objectives achieved,” he added.

Meanwhile, the scouts were also exposed to benchmarking the best strategy of backpacking which organization to things was the outline. They were led by the APOISM Inc. From Davao City who were masters in these kind of activities while they were instructed to proper use of compass and map as well. Compasses and maps power is to direct and these play a necessary role in individuals’ survival as well.

Henceforth, they stressed that Unity, Solidarity, Growth, Stability and Right Direction were the aims of ASEAN Integration. However, it holds a life as well and survival means so much to continue its goal. Since the chain of influence starts in youth, and as we adopt ASEAN Integration, in the scouting event that plays one important role of brotherhood and unity among ASEAN Community, the important lessons were applied here. Moreso, in the lectures in every stations of the said module, the attentive scouts ruled the magnet so they can use their force in the future events of their lives when they become contributors of ASEAN’s progress someday. And the scouts proved that what they learned from scouting could also be their tool to craft a better and one community. GENIE BELLE ATACADOR/CIO Tagum

BACK TO THE BASICS. Scouts are reintroduced to the basics of cooking the scout way — utilizing just the provisions of nature.