Scouts embark on jungle trail walk

To provide scouts a forest walk experience under the canopy of century old “Dao” trees inside the reserved forest of Hijo Plantation, a five kilometreJungle Adventure Trail is undertaken by the delegates during the 6th ASEAN Scout Jamboree.

Upon entering the portal, participants will pass through exhibits showing the different features, plants, and wildlife inside the Madaum forest, the different types of Trail Signs as well as the Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics.

“I learned some species of plant and animal life in this forestry that are rarely seen by most of us,” said a senior scout of the Cagayan de Oro Council, Jessie James Dalaygon, in an interview.

Once the participants are in the jungle, they will make use of the presented trail signs and pass through various types of improvised shelter, take a sneak peak of the endemic wildlife inside the forest, and see the wonder of nature.

“Because of the muddy portions of the jungle, there were also times that we fall. But still, it was real fun adventure for us scouts to try for we also see here the bare beauty of our nature,” Zennoe Zabdiel Villanueva, a senior scout from Bohol Council said.

Likewise, the activity also shows the contingents’ strength in surpassing the difficulties along the track.

“This activity will develop stronger and braver personalities to each and every scouts. For they will be eager to fulfil this activity even though they face slippery, small space to walk, and muddy areas as they go along their way out,” stated by one of the outfit advisers of Cagayan de Oro Council, Ma. Cleofe Oliver.

Archie Khamid of Maguindanao, Cotabato City Council, one of the facilitators of the said activity, says that safety measures must be strongly practised in ensuring the protection of the scouts and their scout leaders.

“Safety measures during the activity is well observed that before they enter to the trail we gave them some information in what they are going to do, and also the things they should wear and bring in order to prevent accidents while the adventure is going on,” Khamid said.

In addition, the team of Khamid also sets rules upon entering the jungle adventure to prevent stampede.

“In order to have a smooth flow in entering the trail as each of the councils arrived in this area, the staffs here gave them each designated numbers of when is the time they will be able to enter the trail,” he added.

Moreover, the five kilometre adventure trail is good for 60 minutes walking and hiking until the scouts and outfit advisers reached the end of the trail where the next activity waits—the Aquatics and Water Fun. ALPHA JANA A. CAPUYAN/CIO Tagum