Scouts pledge to create a better world

In response to the challenges of times and help create a society where individuals are self-fulfilled and proactively play a constructive role, Module 7 ASEAN Better World Village was undertaken by the participating scouts to empower them through active discovery of the various challenges related to development, peace and environment.

With this module, scouts and adult leaders at the same time, know more about the World Organization of theBetter World Framework and how they can help contribute in creating a better world through WOSM World Programme namely: Messengers of Peace (MoP) Initiatives; the World Scout Environment Programme (WSEP) and the Scouts of the World Award (SWA) Programme. “How can we cure the ailment in our environment if we cannot treat it properly,” expressed Unique Sajol, International Service Team member from Tagum City.

ASEAN Better World Village Module consisted of seven bases wherein scouts can experience different activities aim to inspire and motivate them to partake in making the world a better place, these are: Base 1 Basic Orientation; Base 2 Messengers of Peace; Base 3 Nature Art; Base 4 My Carbon Footprint; Base 5 Natural Disaster; Base 6 Project Proposal; and Base 7 Online Registration to the World Scout Organization.

According to Base 3 Leader, Madelyn Caralos, the essence of Nature Art is that the scouts are being thought how to preserve and protect the environment.

“They are ask to make an output, make a collage or any artwork using the residual materials found in the surroundings without distracting our natural resources and other creatures in our surroundings, added Base 3 Leader.

Since the scouts are also registered online, they can keep abreast with the prevailing issues about environment, human rights, health, education, culture and science and technology not just in the ASEAN region but around the world.

For Grade 11, Kevin Jay Pis-an, from Negros Oriental, he can be a Messenger of Peace through using properly the power of technology since the youth today are very active in the different social media platforms.

In Base 6, scouts can be guided in making a plan of action that will lead to a specific voluntary service and lead them to achieve the Scout of the World Award and the topmost project proposal made by the scouts was Waste Disposal Management to help solve the sanitation problem in their respective areas.

On the other hand, five-time ASEAN Jamboree participant, Raymond Apun, Head Contingent of Malaysia’s National Scouting Organization, in order to promote a better world especially in their country, they conducted every weekend scouting programs.

“We tackle the latest since now all is digital, with your finger you can already communicate all the world,” expressed Apun addressing the use of technology in scouting.

Meanwhile, for Indonesian 9th grade Husein, who started joining the scouting activities since 4th grade, he can contribute in making the world a better place by observing their countries three codes, to serve their God, country and their people. Scouts were also taught about the importance of solar energy through Scouts Go Solar and earned the World Scouts Environment Badge. RHODORA JOY C. LUMANOG/CIO Tagum