Bisita Amuma Program continues amidst COVID-19 pandemic

Tagum City – More or less 1,200 sick and elderly Tagumenyos were given grocery packs amidst COVID-19 under the Bisita Amuma Program of the City Mayor’s Office (CMO) through the Social Services and Gender and Development Section (SSGAD).

This is a long-running program of the CMO-SSGAD which is aimed to help those elderly Tagumenyos as well as those crippled or do have difficulty in moving by providing them essential goods for daily consumptions such as biscuits, milk, coffee, among others.

Aside from these grocery items, the beneficiaries were also given free check-up, referrals and maintenance medicines. 

According to Rowena Luardo, daughter of Thelma—a Bisita Amuma beneficiary, they will forever be grateful to Mayor Allan L. Rellon and the city government for aside from the grocery items, they were granted house of their own under the shelter assistance program.

She said, “Dako kayoo syang tabang kay didto sa dating balay namo guba na ang door, dili katulog tarong especially kay dalaga ko kay basin sudlon ko ba…dako kong pasalamat kay Mayor kay naapil si mama sa nahatagan og balay ug na-avail namo ang Bisita Amuma, shelter assistance…” (It is a great help because the door of the house we previously stayed is wrecked and for that I had a hard time to sleep well especially that I am a woman and someone might break into the house. I am very much grateful to Mayor Rellon for we were granted with Bisita Amuma and shelter assistance.)

Rowena is also a SPES program grantee assigned at the City Agriculture Office wherein she was hired for 20 days receiving a daily salary of Php 503.09.

In an interview, Mayor Rellon shared that giving to the people what they need and deserve must be the mantra and the priority of every public servant especially for those underprivileged and disadvantaged.

He furthered that this fuels his desire to make his banner agenda EAGLE WINGS to soar higher which centers on people’s development, improvement and success.

Truly, a manifestation of Tagum’s vision of inclusivity towards a better quality of life. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum


The construction phase of the house granted to Thelma and Rowena Luardo after finding out, upon the distribution of the grocery packs, their current situation living in a wrecked and dilapidated house. Gleiza Delgado/CIO Tagum


Employees from the CMO-SSGAD on the move during the distribution of grocery packs and medical referrals of the Bisita Amuma Program. Gleiza Delgado/CIO Tagum