CIO Tagum adopts new media strategies for info dissemination

Tagum City – The year 2018 is the year for better Tagum as the City Information launched its newest media dissemination strategy for its quad-media platforms.

The (CIO-Team) City Information Office-Team started the year by introducing new shows produced by the office itself. It can be recalled that the city previously aired its shows in Sky Cable but opted to air them in another platform after the said company underwent digitization.

Recognizing the role of social media, the office switched its TV platform to online dissemination. The new shows include the main source of developmental news, Tagum News Central wherein the team put up news line-up twice a month. The show has different segments such as the main news, one-one-one interview, and two feature news presenting the achievements of Tagumenyos and the programs of the LGU.

The second one is a talk show dubbed as Talk Tagum. This show helps spread awareness on the efforts of the government regarding its programs for the different sectors and how they affect the lives of Tagumenyos. A fruitful discussion allows people to learn about these innovations from the focal persons directly.

Another one is Inform Tagum which is a short interview of professionals answering inquiries from Tagumenyos. The people can send questions to the LGU and the producer would identify the right person to answer the question.

A fun show, Isip Tagumenyo not only tickles the brain of Tagumenyos in answering a random question from the producer, but people can also answer the question in regards to their vision for Tagum as her people.

Tagumpay Extra is the newest show of the office catering random interviews of celebrities and famous or influential people who visit the City of Palms.

Last but not the least, the city also partnered with the City Tourism Office in producing Tagumpay Sessions which affirms the tagline of Tagum as the Music Capital of the South wherein the city invites local performers to give them a venue to share their love for music.

On the radio platform, the office rebranded its show into Tagumpay Radio, including changes on the new logo, new opening billboard, and new advertisements among others. The radio show runs for one hour in three different local radio stations; Charm Radio, 109.3MHzFM at 6–7am; Gold FM, 98.3MHzFM at 11–12nn, and Radyo Ukay, 88.7MHzFM at 4-5pm.

For the print platform, the office produces quarterly Frontier magazine with a circulation of 8,000 copies. The magazine talks about a certain topic per issue.

Aside from the established shows, the city posts various audio-visual presentations in the official Facebook pages such as the City Government of Tagum and Tagumpay Radio. The official photos can be seen at the Tagum Photographer page while people can opt to visit the official website of the city for the full information at and tagumcityinformation2011@gmail.comthe official email address of City Information Office. Ziyarah Manalo/CIO Tagum




Tagum News Central anchor, Mr. Louie Lapat together with the crew practices at the studio for the airing. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum


The City Information Office staffs monitor the video recording of Tagumpay Sessions of its second episode. Ziyarah Manalo/CIO Tagum


The CIO staffs together with their guest, the members of Davao Aguilas Football Club pose a Tagumpay sign after wrapping up the interview for the promotion of their game last July 14 and a documentary about their member, Simone Rota. Davao Aguilas PR Team