Citizen’s Charter


Republic Act No. 9485, otherwise known as the “Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007” mandates all government agencies to set up their own “Citizen’s Charter” as a tool to institutionalize and enforce transparency, effectiveness and efficiency in public service. The Citizen’s Charter is an official document which contains the service standard or a pledge that communicates, in simple terms, information on the services provided by the government to its citizens. It describes the step-by-step procedure for availing a particular service, and the guaranteed performance level that they may expect for the service.

With utmost dedication for excellence in public service, the City Government of Tagum crafted this Citizen’s Charter as a legacy to our beloved constituents, putting herein the Vision, Mission and Values that will serve as guiding principles in the performance of the respective functions of frontline service providers.

We cannot discount the tedious process that we underwent to complete all the requisites that molded this important document. We sometimes disagree for the sake of agreement and all the more, we learn from each other, especially those we subjected for extensive analysis of their services and existing systems. Indeed, the process was very enriching and it creates proper understanding of the respective office functions and this leads towards proactive governance where PEOPLE is the centerpiece of the administration.

As a document, generally the Citizen’s Charter speaks out what is expected from the local government and how the people can access its services in a client-friendly environment. Publicity and information drive will further educate our people and encourage more our frontline service providers to be vigilant of their respective functions and the service standards they commit to deliver. The noble purpose behind this document is very rewarding. So, we have to aim high in terms of service standards with the aid of modern technology, good values and professionalism.
Across all this, we have to take the challenge to become more competitive and aim for excellence in public service.

Service Pledge

E-Enterprising governance
X-eXemplary performance of local government functionaries
C-Competence of its human resources
E–Empowerment through public participation and education
L–Legislations to promote and protect general public welfare
L–Leadership by example
E–Effectiveness and efficiency in responding to the needs of our clients
N–No partiality in dealing with our clients
C-Camaraderie among the members of the LGU organization
E–Ethical standards in public governance are highly observed

We, the officials and employees of the City Government of Tagum, do hereby swear and pledge to aim for EXCELLENCE in public service, value our constituents and our clients by taking care of their needs with integrity and satisfaction. We further pledge to build people-centered governance
and to create a client-friendly environment. We will aim high and fulfill our commitments in the Citizen’s Charter as our means to achieve EXCELLENCE in the public service.

So help me God.

Feedback and Redress Mechanism
Please let us know how we have served you by doing any of the following:

Accomplish our Feedback Form available in the offices and put it in the drop box located near our Public Assistance and Complaints Desk (PAC Desk)

Send your feedback through our feedback facility: or reach us at our Trunkline (084) 645-3300 (8:00am-5:00pm)

Talk to the Officer of the Day or to the Department Heads of the concerned offices Your concerns will be immediately attended by the Officer of
the Day at the Public Assistance and Complaints Desk. Thank you very much for helping us continuously improve the quality of government service.