Clean meat assured with Tagum’s meat processing plant inauguration

TAGUM CITY— With the recent news about African Swine Fever getting resurrected, and the question about sanitation especially on food is a constant concern, the City Government of Tagum made it a priority to regulate food further by opening the first government-owned meat processing plant in Mindanao.

The two-storey LGU-funded building is complete with equipments and fixtures that would ease the processing of different kinds of meat into the community’s favourite pambaon such as longganisa, chorizo, tocino, and many more. 

The CEEO will also give priority to all registered food handlers in the city so they no longer have to process their products at home or somewhere else where the consumers cannot monitor its cleanliness. Payment for the use of the facility is still on negotiation.

On November 28, Mayor Allan L. Rellon spearheaded the inauguration of the Tagum City Meat Processing Plant together with city councilors and the City Economic Enterprises Office head, Mary Grace Terante, which is said to be the first meat processing plant in Mindanao. 

Prior to the opening, Terante said in an interview that this meat processing plant is the LGU’s demonstration of its continued effort on securing the people’s health and overall well-being. 

Meanwhile, CEEO is doubling its efforts on food security by enhancing the public market through installing of cctv cameras, removing of banyeras along the pathways, and making their help desks more accessible among others. 

Registered meat inspectors are also doing thorough examination to all types of meat inside the city’s own slaughterhouse before delivering them to the market. Ziyarah Manalo/CIO Tagum



Mayor Allan L. Rellon, city councilors, and some department heads led the cutting of the ribbon for the newest government-owned facility located in the public market in barangay Magugpo West. The meat processing plant is a two-storey building and is the first government-owned meat processing plant in Mindanao. Ronnie Miguel/CIO Tagum




Registered food handlers will be given priority to use the facilities inside the building. It boasts of quality machines and fixtures needed to produce premium products such as tocino, chorizo, and longganisa. Ronnie Miguel/CIO Tagum