Corporate Seal


Significance of the Seal

1. The seal has classic “crest and ribbon” style-a design often used to convey nobility and tradition. The golden crest signifies the golden image of the city reflected in the gold, precious metal and jewelry trade, one of the City of Tagum’s foremost industries being the trade center. It also symbolizes the rich ethnic and cultural heritage of the people.
2. Emblazoned on the crest are symbols of aquaculture and agriculture, including the cut-flower industry. The agriculture industry is represented by three high-value produce of the past and present, which are durian, banana and coconut.
3. The interlocking gears symbolize city of Tagum’s leap into modernization most evibdent in the boom in infrastructure, trade and commerce.
4. The brown lines that separate the icons are like points of a compass: they signify City of Tagum’s dynamism in developing many different industries.
5. The ribbons in green and brown bearing “CITY OF TAGUM, PROVINCE OF DAVAO DEL NORTE” proclaim the city’s pride in its people and the land that yields both high-value crops and precious metals.