CTFRB lectures pedicab drivers

Tagum City – Responding to the constant plea of the local commuters regarding the problematic transportation system in the city, the local government organized a seminar series for the tricycle drivers and operators which started last August 6 and will run until the end of this month at the Audio-visual room of the New City Hall of Tagum.


The seminar series is a refresher and a reminder for the tricycle drivers and operators about the local rules and laws concerning conveying of passengers through the efforts of the City Tricycle Franchising and Regulatory Board (CTFRB) due to the clamor of some Tagumenyos concerning the attitude of pedicab drivers.


Discussions regarding traffic rules and regulations, as well as the legal grounds for violations, were made by the PNP-Traffic head PSSUPT Cosme Masepequiña, Traffic Management Office head Ret. PSSUPT Cesar Azares, and the City Legal Officer and CTFRB head Atty. Randy de Gala.


Moreover, complaints such as refusal of conveying passengers, overpricing, illegal parking, loading, and unloading and many others were also tackled on the seminar.


Furthermore, due to the realization of the traffic signalization project which will be inaugurated soon, Atty. Armando Seras talked over the rules concerning traffic lights.

PAG-IBIG Fund benefits were also discoursed to the pedicab drivers and operators.


For the month long series, 20 schedules were crafted to cater 3,150 registered franchisees in the city.


The local chief executive, Mayor Allan L. Rellon also graced the seminar to tell everyone to be responsible and respectful to the local and tourist commuters.


According to Mayor Rellon, the progress and the development of the city takes pride from the prompt, efficient, and best service of its people including the drivers and operators of tricycle. Thus, he challenged every drivers to be truthful to their service to the people for further betterment of Tagum. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum



The local chief executive, Tagum City Mayor Allan L. Rellon evoking every drivers to be responsible enough in conveying passengers for the betterment of Tagum. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum


The pedicab drivers and operators are very much eager to be imparted of the traffic rules and regulations as well as be knowledgeable of the rules about the traffic signalization project in the city. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum


The PNP-Traffic head PSSUPT Cosme Masepequiña sharing and imparting the rules regarding proper decorum on conveyance of passengers. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum


Atty. Randy de Gala, the City Legal Officer and the City Tricycle Franchising and Regulatory Board (CTFRB) head, discusses the legal grounds on how will the drivers with violations be sanctioned. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum