Early Christmas for 44 Tagumenyo families as LGU distributes lot titles

TAGUM CITY – Christmas came early for 44 families living in Barangay Visayan Village who had been fighting for their right on the land they had been in actual possession of for more than 30 years.

This, after the City Government of Tagum on December 9, facilitated the distribution of Original Certificates of Title to a portion of the highly contested land on which the Aguinaldo Development Corporation (ADECOR) once proposed to have an airstrip built relating to the operation of their banana plantation.

It can be recalled that the real property in question was part of the land subject of Department of Environment and Natural Resources Case Number 8259 (DENR Case No. 8259) the resolution of which granted the LGU of Tagum the preferential rights as to the determination of the appropriate mode of disposition of various lots which included the lots of the 44 families.

Buoyed by its developmental thrust on social services, the LGU, thru the leadership of Mayor Allan Rellon, has chosen to hear the pleas of the beneficiaries – who themselves lost in DENR Case No. 8259 –  to finally recognize their claims on the land.

To this end, the LGU has assisted the beneficiaries of the Villegas Landing Homeowners Association in the processing of their original certificate of titles under Republic Act 10023, which authorized the issuance of free patents to residential lands to any person who had been an actual occupant of a lot that had been zoned as a residential area.

The LGU also caused the appropriate registration of their homeowners’ association to HLURB, and concreted portions of the road and drainage in the area.

Meanwhile, the LGU, thru the City Housing and Land Management Office (CHLMO), also distributed Transfer Certificates of Title to 95 families of the Immaculada Concepcion Homeowners Association in Barangay Cuambogan on December 10. These families had been in actual possession of the lots for 16 years, at the very least.

In an interview, CHLMO’s Housing and Homesite Officer IV Raul Becerro, Jr., stated that the beneficiaries had once been unable to cope up with the payment of their land taxes which paved the way for the Office of then- Representative Ariel Olano to allocate funds for its payment. The congressional office then transferred the rights for the appropriate disposition of said lots to the LGU of Tagum, which saw the propriety of distributing the lots to the families who had been living in the site for close to two decades already.

Both groups of beneficiaries to this recent distribution of certificates of land title had been tagged and validated by the CHLMO to ensure that the land beneficiaries, who are afforded the security of tenure as espoused in the EAGLE WINGS program, are those that really deserve it. To date, the city’s housing office has tagged and validated more than 4000 informal settler families to be affected by different circumstances that need to be resettled and/or relocated. (Richi Gulle/ CIO- Tagum)


Mayor Rellon leads in the distribution of Original Certificate of Title to land beneficiaries of Villegas Landing Homeowners Association, as well as Transfer Certificate of Title to beneficiaries of Immaculada Concepcion Homeowners Association. (CIO Tagum)