First-ever Taxpayers Festival launched in Tagum

Tagum City—Aiming to strengthen the rapport and sense of community between the local government of Tagum (LGU) and its taxpayers, the LGU launched what could be the country’s first-ever Taxpayers’ Festival at the New City Hall Atrium on the first Monday of the year.

With its theme “Taxpayers: Kaagapay sa Tunay na Tagumpay”, this month-long festivity is a tribute to all the taxpayers of Tagum for their sustained commitment of paying their taxes promptly which resulted to an increase in the local revenue collection.

“It is but fitting to honor and give due recognition to our taxpayers supporting the city’s campaign for efficient tax revenue generation,” said City Treasurer Annie Beltran.

Mayor Allan L. Rellon also expressed his gratitude to all the taxpayers for the taxes they are paying translate to the accomplishment of the programs, projects, and activities of the LGU for the benefit of every Tagumenyo.

With that, the LGU prepared a list of activities that will not only cater to the city’s revenue generation partners but also to those who wish to start up their own businesses. Some of the lined up events are the Royal Palm Tree Landscaping on the 11th, the Taxpayers Run and the Search for Taxpayers Singing Idol on the 25th; a Trade Fair, Barangay Youth Advocacy Symposium, and BOSS: Libreng Sakay, among others, will also be conducted.

The Taxpayers Festival 2020 also boosted the partnership of the city government with the business entities in Tagum as shown in the number of willing establishments to participate and sponsor the events. After the launching, there are already 15 businesses approved to join the trade fair after undergoing a validation.

The Business One Stop Shop Ease of doing business 3-step application of the LGU is also highlighted in this time of the year which proved its efficiency and effectiveness after bagging the Most Business-Friendly LGU Award in 2017.

This is a great manifestation of the Rellon administration’s pursuit of constant development and a well-balanced economy under its banner agenda the EAGLE WINGS specifically the second “E” which stands for Economy and Affordability of Taxes. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum

Mayor Allan L. Rellon as he bangs the gong signifying the official and formal opening of the Taxpayers Festival 2020 together with (in the photo) Councilor Alderson Rellon last January 6 at the New City Hall Atrium. Jay Apostol/CIO Tagum


The formal opening and launching of the Taxpayers Festival 2020 spearheaded by Mayor Allan L. Rellon together with the members of the 8th City Council, (left to right) Hon. Alderson Rellon, Hon. Jan Dimitri Sator, Hon. Macario Bermudez, and Hon. Ester Angoy last January 6 at the New City Hall Atrium. Jay Apostol/CIO Tagum


LGU-employees (left row) as they cater the city’s revenue generating partners (right row) for the renewal and application of their business right after the launching of the the Taxpayers Festival 2020. Jay Apostol/CIO Tagum