Grand Fireworks Display marks Tagum City’s 2019 kick-off

Tagum City joyously welcomed the year 2019 with a grandiose fireworks display – the highly-anticipated annual activity of the City Government to kick off the new year.

The city’s tradition of welcoming the new year by lighting up the sky with brilliant fireworks gathered thousands of Tagumenyos and even spectators from neighboring towns eager to witness the grand spectacle.

This year’s grand fireworks display is still spearheaded by the City Government of Tagum through the City Tourism Office, with a total budget of five hundred thousand pesos.

Local bands filled the night with music and excitement hours before setting off the fireworks which kept the audiences entertained while waiting for the main event.

A burst of excitement exploded at the city hall grounds and along JV Ayala Avenue as soon as the fireworks kicked off. Bright and colorful lights illuminated the sky at the stroke of midnight on January first, exploding over the iconic giant holiday tree.

The grand display of fireworks lasted for about twelve minutes featuring some new versions of pyrotechnics that were never seen in the previous years thereby making the whole spectacle extra special and memorable.

Such festivity served as a promising year-starter for the city of Tagum noting that some of its bigtime infrastructure projects are slated to be completed this 2019, leaving Tagumenyos a brighter future. Drex Rafols/CIO Tagum


A grand display of fireworks lights up the night sky as Tagum City welcomes the new year 2019. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum