IPs among the 600 resettlement project beneficiaries in Tagum

Tagum City – The right of each Tagumenyo particularly the members of the cultural communities to have homes is slowly being realized through the strengthened resettlement projects spearheaded by the local government unit in coordination with the national government agencies this month of October.

352 indigenous people received their notice of award from the National Housing Authority (NHA) and LGU Tagum through the City Housing and Land Management Office last October 14, who are the occupants of the Masandag Tribal Village which is currently being developed by the LGU.

“Happy … bisan naay pandemic naa gihapoy ingani na nahitabo … malipayon kaayo. Nagpasalamat mi sa LGU Tagum, kay Mayor Rellon.”, says Jennsie Filipino, one of the recipients of the program.

This project is a 16 year-long dream of the members of the cultural communities who are living in Tagum and are considered the original settlers of the city. In order to materialize the said project, 80 million pesos was allocated by NHA while the LGU provided 5 hectares of land in barangay Canocotan.

According to Mayor Rellon, each household would only pay 300 pesos monthly for 5 years to get their certificate of land title.

Meanwhile, 248 Tagumenyos who are recipients of notice of awards and transfer certificate of titles also received these documents earlier, making up the 600 beneficiaries just this month alone. He also added that although we are at the last quarter of the month, Tagumenyos can expect that the resettlement program would bring forth more beneficiaries in the future.

“It’s all about housing … it’s all about social justice … Para sa mga informal settlers, no land holdings, namuyo sa mga creeks diha, mga squatters sila, nga namuyo na sa Tagum nga gusto nila nga naay sariling yuta na makapatukod og sariling panimalay aron mabuhi sila nga malipayon ug malambuon sa atong syudad sa Tagum.”, Mayor Rellon said. Ziyarah Manalo/CIO Tagum


Mayor Allan L. Rellon gives an inspirational talk to the members of the cultural communities during the distribution of the notice of award to the recipients of house and lot in Masandag Tribal Village project in barangay Canocotan last October 14. This initiative is part of the resettlement program of the city in partnership with the National Housing Authority. Vinz Davo/CIO Tagum


Some of the beneficiaries pose for a photo opportunity with Mayor Allan Rellon and Bia Jessica Pandacan-Ado who is the cultural communities’ representative to the Sangguniang Panlungsod after receiving their notice of awards last October 14. This project would give house and lot to eligible beneficiaries at an affordable price of 300 pesos monthly for 5 years. Vinz Davo/CIO Tagum



352 members of the cultural communities show their sweetest smiles as they finally receive their notice of awards for the house and lot project located at barangay Canocotan in Tagum City dubbed as Masandag Tribal Village. This project is a manifestation of the city’s commitment of uplifting the lives of every Tagumenyo whether they’re in the minority group or not through providing shelter to displaced and marginalized citizens who are living in Tagum for such a long time. Vinz Davo/CIO Tagum