LGU Vet: No Swine Fever in Tagum

TAGUM CITY—The City Government of Tagum assured the public that there is no reported swine fever virus in this city, following the concern raised by several sectors over the reported cases in some parts of the country.

Dr. Jesus Edullantes allayed fears of the public and strongly emphasized that the virus has not reached the local hog industry in the city.

Hinged on Administrative Order 04, s-2019 of the Department of Agriculture (DA), the local government unit of Tagum, headed by Mayor Allan Rellon, convened on Friday, August 20, 2019, the African Swine Fever Task Force (ASF-TF) which was created to ensure the continued implementation of precautionary measures relative food safety and food security in view of the reported increasing swine mortalities in the country.

The inter-agency task force, which is chaired by the City Veterinarian, planned to stringently enforce the said measures to ensure that transportation of live animals, meat products and meat by-products is prohibited unless accompanied by a Veterinary Health Certificate and a Shipping Permit issued by a licensed veterinarian and the Bureau of Animal Industry, among others.

The task force is also mandated to regulate, if not altogether prohibit, the importation of pork products from abroad to avoid the possible entry of the ASF which is now spread out in many countries, such as mainland China.

Although the severe viral disease of pigs can spread rapidly as there are yet no vaccines or treatment to curb its widespread among pig herds, the virus has no effect on the health of humans who are not susceptible to the ASF virus.

He further stated that the task force will be stringent in its inspection activities not only in the hog farms/piggeries within and outside the city but also in the meat section of the markets to ensure that there is no entry of the ASF virus in Tagum. He also encouraged the public to report deaths of any swine in the city to them and allow their office personnel to take samples to test them for ASF.

Notably, the ASF-TF of the LGU was created by virtue of Executive Order No, 032, series of 2019 which also constituted the technical support teams such as the Rapid Action Team, Surveillance Team, Quarantine Team, Census Team and the IEC Team. (Carlo Jay Abellana/ CIO- Tagum)


The LGU of Tagum convenes the African Swine Fever Task Force to plan and implement stringent measures against the entry of the ASF virus in the city. (Carlo Jay Abellana/CIO – Tagum)


City Veterinarian Jesus Edullanttes, DVM, allays fears of the public and strongly emphasizes that the virus has not reached the local hog industry in Tagum. (Carlo Jay Abellana/CIO- Tagum)