Mayor Rellon enjoins fellow LCEs to strengthen anti-drugs program

TAGUM CITY – Hinged on the successful implementation of the Seryosong Tagumenyos Ayaw Ng Droga (STAND) Program in Tagum City, the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) XI invited Mayor Allan Rellon to share about the ongoing drug rehabilitation program which he initiated at the onset of his second term as Tagum’ s local chief executive last August 28, 2019 at the Pinnacle Hotel, Davao City.

Centering on Drug-Free Workplace and Community-Based Rehabilitation Program, the talk was part of the three-day orientation course conducted by the DILG through the Local Government Academy, in coordination with the League of Municipalities of the Philippines, which was participated in by re-elected Municipal Mayors of the Region XI aims to enhance the competencies of Newly Elected Officials (NEOs) in carrying out their new tasks as leaders in community development while promoting peace and resilience towards inclusive and sustainable development.

During his talk, Mayor Rellon emphasized that the STAND program aims to eradicate the abuse of illegal drugs in the city through proactive means and described the program as a course that reforms drug-dependents to become law-abiding citizens who are free from the bondage of illegal drug abuse. He gave a detailed and brief lecture on the functions of each step of the program, explaining how each of these steps benefits the surrenderees as they progress towards the end of the program.

He also added in his discussion the new aftercare program of the city which he calls the REAL Program. The aftercare program, as the mayor discusses, is rewarded to those who have graduated from the city’s rehabilitation program which includes the following: Reintegration to Society, Employment facilitation, Access to education & skills training, and Livelihood grants.

Mayor Rellon added that the challenge now is to ensure that these graduates will not go back to their dependence on illegal drugs while adding that the people behind the program will continue to monitor them.

“Hindi pa tapos. Kahit isa lang ang nabilin hindi pa tapos ang labanan. Kahit nahurot na nila naa pa gyud nay mubalik,” he added.

The STAND Program is a holistic six-step program which includes the following interventions that are carried out by the local government and other non-government organizations: Values Enhancement, Moral and Spiritual Development, Physical Fitness, Community Service Involvement, and Mental Health Development.

DILG Regional Director Alex Roldan and Assistant Regional Director Abdullah Matalam were present during the seminar which was also participated in by Dangerous Drugs Board representatives Emma Pastorfide, Doris Dorigo, and Ernie Talaro. Miko Pongan/ CIO- Tagum



Mayor Allan Rellon discusses with local chief executives in Davao Region the STAND Program (Seryosong Tagumenyos Ayaw ng Droga) during the orientation course for newly-minted local chief executives last August 28, 2019 at the Pinnacle Hotel, Davao City. Mayor Rellon was tapped by the Department of the Interior and Local Government due to the local government’s successful implementation of its community-based drug rehabilitation program. Vinz Davo/CIO Tagum