Mayor Rey T. Uy Sets Forth His Priorities for Tagum in His First 100 Days in Office

Tagum City – As the City of Tagum moves forward with the new administration, Local Chief Executive, Hon. Rey T. Uy lays out his plans for his first 100 days of service through a checklist. Among his priorities are the improvement of various aspects, spanning from infrastructure, health, education, economy, peace and order, and tourism.

City Mayor of Tagum, Hon. Rey T. Uy filled with joy and gratitude as he took his oath of office and laid out his plans for his first 100 days of service last June 23, 2022. CIO Tagum

Infrastructure & Rehabilitation

The development of infrastructures not only improves the city’s operations but also elevates the beauty of Tagum. One of Mayor Uy’s priorities is ensuring that projects for the concreting of roads, the improvement of drainage systems, and the renovation of Tagum’s main structures and facilities are followed through.

Since the start of his service on July 1, 2022, Mayor Uy has already inspected multiple areas for the improvement of the drainage systems and rehabilitation of Tagum’s establishments.

Through the repair and desiltation of the drainage systems, Hon. Rey T. Uy hopes to improve the city’s drainage system. Jan Jeffrey Instrella/CIO Tagum
The ongoing construction of the new building at Tagum City Public Market aims to accommodate vendors for smoother and systematic operations. Jan Jeffrey Instrella/CIO Tagum

Projects for the construction of gymnasiums and the repainting of public school buildings, as well as the improvement of our health establishments are also among the priorities of Mayor Uy, in order to strengthen our education and health sector.

Support to Workers & Human Resource

To strengthen the city’s food security, support has also been extended to our farmers in the form of free fertilizers. As part of this program, a total of 250 sacks of fertilizers were distributed to our farmers last July 23, 2022. Our ambulant vendors are likewise aided through the waiving off of the “Arkabala” fee.

The Lean & Mean Approach to Human Resource will also be imposed in the City Government to make sure that there is no duplication of duties among employees.

Peace and Order

Actions toward strengthening police visibility at night are to be implemented to promote peace and order for the security of our people. Through this initiative, multiple areas throughout Tagum will have active substations with an assigned police-on-duty.

Mayor Uy also aims to put an end to the various scams in the city, through the offering of legal assistance to victims of housing and investment scams.

People-oriented Programs

To make sure that the services of the city government are able to reach those who need it the most, Mayor Uy initiated multiple programs to accommodate the less fortunate. Among those are the Doctor is in Your House program, which aims to deliver house-to-house check-ups and free medicine to our bedridden patients; eye care services to ensure our citizens’ good eyesight; and the strengthening of the ResBakuna Vaccination Drive, all of which are facilitated by the City Health Office.

In addition, the flagship assistance program or BayanihanLingapPinuy-anan, facilitated by the City Housing and Land Management Office, gives hope to our beneficiaries as they are given a chance to experience better homes through free housing services.

Nurses and doctors from the City Health Office, together with the Barangay Health Workers visit the houses of our bedridden patients to deliver free check-ups and medicine to them. Roman L. Catolico/CIO Tagum
Our city councilors, barangay officials, and employees of various City Hall offices join together in delivering housing services through the BayanihanLingapPinuy-anan, under the stewardship of Mayor Rey T. Uy. King Felix Loayon/CIO Tagum

Towards a Creative City

Another focus of Mayor Uy in his first 100 days is to fulfill the vision of making Tagum a Creative City. In his checklist, Mayor Uy plans to bring back the city’s vibrance and former glory as the “City of Festivals” by setting out various events and festivities. To further bring life to the city, programs will be given to the youth sector, especially to our athletes.

The Local City Government of Tagum, under the leadership of Mayor Uy, is committed to serving the people with swift and efficient actions. As Mayor Uy continues his service to the people, especially in his first 100 days, all these programs pave the way to a brighter and vibrant future for the city, and for all Tagumenyos.   Zenia M. Sanchez/CIO Tagum