New feat for Tagum City declared

Roaring were the drumbeats and sound of trumpets here on Monday morning as a number of brass bands gathered to support and display elation upon the official declaration of Tagum City as the Marching Showband Capital of the Philippines.

On the day dubbed as the grandest moment for the city’s brass band community, the Pambansang Samahan ng mga Banda sa Pilipinas (PASAMBAP) Inc., together with the Philippine Alliance of Marching Showbands Incorporated (PAMSBI), released and announced their official joint resolution which brands Tagum as the country’s lone Marching Showband Capital during the Convocation Program of the City Government last August 07, 2017 at the New City Hall.

The resolution, numbered 2017-002, states that the programs activated by the local government for the development of marching bands in the city as well as the initiatives spent to augment the manpower provision of marching band members inspired PASAMBAP and PAMSBI to make the recognition, as a show of support to the former’s endeavors.

The resolution also maintains that the declaration underwent a rigid evaluation and was permitted by a notion and number of votes from the board of trustees of the organizations.

The City Government of Tagum is thankful and proud for the recognition especially that this will not only increase the moral of both the local government and the brass band community but will also add to the line of positive monikers gotten by the city, further cementing its “Tagum, Tagumpay” battlecry cum branding.

Mayor Allan Rellon, on the other hand, committed to sustain and upgrade the programs and training of the government dedicated to developing brass bands such as Lingaw sa Tag-Araw Summer Workshops and Semestral Break Music Workshops.

He also confirmed that a grander stage awaits these bands as next year’s Musikahan Festival will be participated by musicians and contenders from all-over the Asean Region.

Meanwhile, The PASAMBAP and PAMSBI are the Philippines’ prime organizations that help marching bands find a place in the growth and development of the country. Roy Banias/CIO Tagum


Brand New Pride. Mayor Allan Rellon and some members of the 7th City Council receive the official resolution of Pambansang Samahan ng mga Banda sa Pilipinas (PASAMBAP) Inc. that labels Tagum City as the Marching Showband Capital of the Philippines. The ceremony was highlighted with a spectacular performance from some of the budding brass bands here in the city. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum


Drummers, Trumpeters, and Music Guards gather to support and have a share of the city’s celebration, being declared as the country’s Marching Showband Capital. This growing community of Tagum is a result of the many programs employed by the city government to help them find a place in the progress of the city. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum