Original tribal stories digitized in Tagum’s new cultural project

TAGUM CITY — The original indigenous stories of this city’s cultural communities found new platforms for massive distribution in a bold attempt to immortalize these stories by adopting digital tools that are attuned to the times.

The Tagum City Historical and Cultural Center launched on Friday, May 21, 2021 its new project, the Digital Oman-Oman Series Project which aims to digitize the various tribal stories  —or Oman-Oman in the languages of the Tipanud — of the indigenous cultural communities of Tagum.

A by-product of the Community-Based Pag-Indo Program, the project compiles hundreds of indigenous stories into various formats — a podcast hosted on popular streaming app Spotify, a fully-illustrated children’s storybook and a coloring book.

Mayor Allan Rellon, who served as the inaugural storyteller of the project, lauded the Center for its initiative to ensure that the stories of the Tipanud of Tagum will be told to future generations.

He added that the adoption of technology to tell these stories creatively and efficiently will not only benefit Tagumenyo students, but also kids anywhere in the world.

Highlighting the launching event was the inaugural story entitled Kumang and Pait, an original Ata-Manobo Fable as told by Bae Hermenia Maitem. The children’s storybook was conceptualized by Tagumenyo Illustrator Precious Jade Asumbrado.

Each month, an indigenous story will be uploaded on Spotify, along with the coloring book and storybook produced by Tagumenyo visual artists.

“It is also hoped that with this project, we promote the love for reading especially among Tagumenyo children using the stories of our indigenous cultural communities. With that, we do not only raise a generation of readers but a generation of readers who are not ignorant of their local heritage,” stressed Xylee Labastida-Palomata, department head of the newly-minted City Historical and Cultural Office.

The podcast can be accessed through this link: bit.ly/kumangpait, while the fully-illustrated children’s storybook and supplementary coloring book can be accessed here: bit.ly/kumangmaterials

This development is regarded as trailblazing for the city’s cultural communities, which has passed their stories from generation to generation, albeit orally.

Attending the launching of the project were the different school reading coordinators and school paper advisers of the various schools in Tagum, tribal leaders and city officials.

Prior to the opening, a virtual storytelling session was held attended by Tagumenyo children and those overseas, specifically the United States and Australia.

The Digital Oman-Oman Series Project is an initiative of the City Government of Tagum through the Tagum City Historical and Cultural Center in partnership with the Tagum City Federation of Barangay Tribal Councils.

The project is part of Tagum’s lineup of activities for the 2021 National Heritage Month. Louie Lapat


Tribal leaders and Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon formally unveil the cover of Kumang and Pait, the inaugural tribal story of the Digital Oman-Oman Series Project. Geneva Pangandoyon/CIO Tagum


The Digital Oman-Oman Series Project highlights a podcast hosted mainly on Spotify. Geneva Pangandoyon/CIO Tagum


Bae Hermenia Maitem receives recognition for being the inaugural storyteller of the Digital Oman-Oman Series Project. Geneva Pangandoyon/CIO Tagum


Mayor Allan Rellon delivers a message during the launching of the Digital Oman-Oman Series Project. Geneva Pangandoyon/CIO Tagum


Mayor Allan Rellon receives recognition for being the voice actor in the project’s inaugural story entitled Kumang and Pait. Geneva Pangandoyon/CIO Tagum


Precious Jade Asumbrado, a budding Tagumenyo artist, illustrated the inaugural story of the project. Geneva Pangandoyon/CIO Tagum