Scouts in the pink of health—medics team

TAGUM CITY Medical Service Team declares minimum casualty with regards to scouts’ health conditions as of November 28 on the 3rd day of the 6th ASEAN Scouts Jamboree held at Energy Park, Tagum City.

“I assure the public that the delegates are in good condition.”

This was the statement of Dr. Arnel R. Florendo, head of the medical facilities team and official partner of the National Disasters Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) and LGU Tagum, when asked about the overall status of the participants.

“As of the 27th, we’ve catered more or less 540 delegates but, these are ordinary cases like headaches,” Florendo explains further.

6 scouts were advised by the service team to be admitted thus, they have been referred to hospitals for further treatment and medical attention. 4 out of the 6 participants were confirmed cases of chicken pox.

Florendo elaborates in detail the efforts of the host city to ensure that the scouts are well taken care of starting with the deployed ambulance units and the First Aid Stations located all over the vicinity.

“There seemed to be a ruckus yesterday because of the ambulance units roaming around but this is only in response to the intense activities; there were no fatal injuries,” clarifies Dr. Florendo with regards to the concerns that there were huge and unprecedented incidents.

He recommends that for the safety of everyone, all must collaborate with the efforts of the city government by knowing how to take care of themselves first.

“Be careful with what you eat. If you think that your packed lunch smells different, don’t eat it; it might have expired already. Of course, drink plenty of water,” Dr. Arnel advices the scouts.

Taking care of oneself is the primary concern above all necessities aside from accomplishing the tasks that await every delegate participating in the jamboree. Always remember that safety is the number one priority. SARAH ELLA MARIE S. MATUGUINA/CIO Tagum

LEAP OF FAITH. A scout tests his leg power in the popular native game Luksong Tinik, one of the many fun plays in the Team Sports Festival module. Leo Timogan