Special Permit (Motorcade, Recorida and Procession)

Processing of Application for Mayor’s Special Permit (Motorcade, Recorida and Procession)

Schedule of Availability of Service: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Who may avail of the service: General Public
What are the requirements: Request Letter, Route Map (Motorcade)

Duration: 21 Minutes (excluding waiting time)

How to avail of the service:

StepApplicant/ClientService ProviderDuration of Activity (Under Normal Circumstances)Person In-ChargeFeeForm
1Present the requirements to the Front Desk OfficerReceive and check the requirements
Assess fees and advise the client to pay at the City Treasurer’s Office – License Divsion
10 minutesCMO-Executive StaffNoneAssessment Form
2Proceed to the City Treasurer’s Office-License Division and pay the corresponding feeReceive payment and issue Official Receipt5 minutesRevenue Collection OfficerMotorcade- Php. 570.0
Recorida – Php 260.00
Procession – None
Official Receipt
3Go back to the Mayor’s Office and present the Official ReceiptPrepare the special permit
Approve the special permit
3 minutes
2 minutes
City Mayor or his Authorized RepresentativeNoneMayor’s Special Permit
4Receive the Special Permit and sign in the logbookRelease the Special Permit1 minuteCMO – Executive StaffNoneMayor’s Special Permit