Strict enforcement of ‘no minors’ policy beyond 8 PM in internet cafes pushed in Tagum

TAGUM CITY—The pursuit for a Genuine Peace, Safety, and Security is a never ending battle for the local government of Tagum. As part of the EAGLE WINGS developmental thrust of the LGU, the different government offices of the city work hand in hand to provide services and programs aligned to its vision as a safe and liveable city.

Last March 19, 2018, the (BPLO) Business Permit and Licensing Office conducted a seminar to all owners of net café establishments in the city. This is to update them regarding the penalties for various violations against the welfare of the Tagumenyo youth. Ms. Noeme Evelyn Cacayorin of BPLO discussed the topic followed by Mr. Jerry Marfe, the head of the Sagop Bata Quick Action Team under the City Social Welfare and Development Office for the curfew of the minors and some actions made by the interagency task force.

According to the seminar, minors who are currently studying are not allowed to enter the net cafés during school hours which is 8 am to 5 pm. They can be allowed inside after 5 pm until 8 pm in the evening. However, they can present a note from their parents or teachers if they have to surf the internet for research purposes during the school hours. Similar rules are also applicable to the out of school youth. Parents should accompany their children especially at night to watch over them while inside the establishment.

Minors are only allowed to stay outside until 10pm. This is to ensure that no children and youth are to become victims of risks caused by the absence of parental guardianship and other prejudicial conditions.

Mayor Allan L. Rellon reminded the attendees of the shared responsibility each one of in the community should carry to guarantee a child-friendly city. He added that business owners should also earn their income while following the law.

Meanwhile, the Tagum City Police confiscated 14 video karera machines in the rural areas of Tagum. Video karera is a type of video game where one can play for a peso and if he/she wins the race, the money he/she used to bet will be returned 20-fold. This is considered as an illegal gambling scheme pointing to its nature as a game of chance.

In an interview, PSUPT. Julius Borja explained that such scheme encourages children to play. Though the machines were confiscated in the outskirts of the city, they were strategically situated near populated areas such as churches and schools. This allowed easy access on the machines while the betting money was so affordable even for small children.

He stresses the negative impact of the illegal video game. “…cutting classes, magdula na lang og video karera. We’re helping the city no para matabangan pud nato ang mga ginikanan para sa pagdisiplina sa ilang mga anak. Para makatarong og tuon ang ilang mga anak, dili mabuang aning illegal gambling activities.” (…They’re cutting classes just to play the video karera. In this way we’re not only helping the city but the parents as well to discipline their children so that their kids will study more instead of engaging on illegal gambling activities.)

In the city’s endeavour to assure a more peaceful, safe, and secured Tagum, the LGU is continually asking for a favourable partnership with the private sector. Ziyarah Manalo/CIO Tagum


Mayor Allan L. Rellon speaks about the role of the internet café owners in the observation of the law and city ordinances for the welfare of children during the orientation seminar conducted by the Business Permit and Licensing Office in partnership with the Sagop Bata Quick Action Team under the City Social Welfare and Development Office last Monday, March 19, 2018 at the atrium of the city hall. Vinz Davo/CIO Tagum


Mayor Rellon, city officials, and PSUPT. Borja led in the ceremonial destruction of 14 confiscated illegal video karera machines. The event is a warning to the gambling operators to stop what they’re doing because the LGU won’t stop in apprehending them as well. The machines were burned at the city hall grounds last March 19, 2018. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum


The morning turned hot when 14 illegal video karera machines were destroyed at the city hall grounds. City employees, some residents, and the Tagum City Police Force witnessed the said event during the morning of Monday, last March 19, 2018. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum