Strict implementation of minimum health protocols enforced in Tagum

Tagum City – With the coronavirus still looming around the city, necessary measures to prevent the spread of this fatal disease are deemed priority by the 8th City Council. Thus, the passage of the “COVID-19 Minimum Health Standards (MHS) Ordinance in Tagum City”.

Enacted and passed last July 20, City Ordinance No.939, s-2020 seeks to protect the health of Tagumenyos while promoting and instilling health consciousness among them. This was passed following the resumption of economic and social activities after easing the quarantine protocols in the city.

According to the council, setting minimum health standards and adopting response mechanisms such as wearing of personal protective equipment and other practices to safeguard oneself are very effective in the battle of controlling and preventing the spread of COVID-19, basing from the data and researches released by the World Health Organization.

Following this ordinance, Tagumenyos are mandated to wear and use face masks in public places within the territorial jurisdiction of Tagum at all times. Moreover, all establishments whether public or private should mount a sanitation or disinfection area to provide effective means of sanitizing the people going in and out of its premises.

The City COVID-19 Task Force and other implementing offices are commissioned by Mayor Allan L. Rellon to apprehend violators of this ordinance and issue citation tickets which shall state the name, address and contact number of the violators as well as the violation committed.

First and second time offenders will be fined 500 and 1,500 pesos, respectively. On the other hand, third time offenders, aside from a 5,000 peso fine will also be penalized with one (1) week of imprisonment.

This measure is in congruence with the mission of the Rellon administration of providing a livable society and a better quality of life for all Tagumenyos, all the while in accordance to his agenda on Health and Wellness under the EAGLE WINGS Program. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum



Employees of the city government of Tagum are wearing their masks during office hours following the provisions of the City Ordinance No. 939, s-2020  which states the mandatory wearing and using of face masks in public places and workplaces. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum


Clients of the city government of Tagum observing the minimum health standards provision of the City Ordinance No. 939, s-2020  on wearing face masks and observing physical distancing. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum