Tagum adopts JobStart mechanism

TAGUM CITY—In what could be a first in the Davao Region, the City Government of Tagum has adopted the implementation of JobStart Philippines, a flagship program of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the Asian Development Bank and the Canadian Government.

As one of the second wave of cities which piloted the implementation of Jobstart  in 2016, the local government unit was deemed to have been successful in putting into practice the employment facilitation scheme which targeted the city’s jobless youth, aged 18- 24 years old.

In this adoption by the city of the national government’s program, the LGU has come up with 10 beneficiaries who managed to secure the slots on a first come, first served basis, but who underwent a screening process conducted by the Public Education and Employment Services Office (PEESO), the city’s main employment facilitation arm.

The screening was done to gauge the level of commitment of the 10 beneficiaries who will all work under Davao- Honda Center’s Cyclehaus store in the Tagum for a maximum of six months, inclusive of a three-month internship and up to three months of technical training; this after the youth have been successfully registered and assessed skills-wise for the program.

The LGU of Tagum has committed to fund the youth beneficiaries whose foray into the program will improve their employability through life skills training and internship with the major brand in motorcycle manufacturing which was tapped by the local government to become the partner in this cycle of Jobstart implementation due to Honda’s absorption rate of 100% of those previously referred by PEESO thru the program.

Notably, the ten beneficiaries of the locally-funded implementation of the Jobstart Philippines will be added up to the 100 beneficiaries of the same program funded through DOLE this year in Tagum.

Since its initial roll-out in the city in 2016, the DOLE-funded Jobstart Program in the city has already graduated a total of 638 former jobless youth from the life-skills training course, 78% of whom have found gainful employment in Tagum, while 13% are still on internship. Richi Gulle/CIO Tagum


Mayor Allan Rellon represents the City Government of Tagum in signing the Memorandum of Agreement entered into with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), and Davao Honda Center, Inc (DHCI) for the implementation of the LGU-funded Jobstart Philippines program. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum


The ten young men and women who become the beneficiaries of the first wave of the implementation of the Tagum LGU-funded Jobstart Program will be working for the DHCI’s Cyclehouse in Tagum City. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum