Tagum City partners with Korea-based IYF for drug rehab program

The war on drugs in the Philippines started right after the election of President Rodrigo Duterte which led to the decrease of drug related crimes. The government then strengthened the rehabilitation programs to civilians who confess their use of drugs especially in Tagum city.

There were 4,000 people who surrendered as drug users in Tagum within two weeks. The number of surrenderees inspired the local government to introduce an advanced education for the rehabilitation of these drug dependents.

The city formulated Seryosong Tagumenyos Ayaw Ng Droga (STAND) program which focuses not only on knowledge based education, but also spiritual, mental, physical, and etc. The LGU also partnered with the International Youth Fellowship, a group known in bringing substantial change through the ‘Mind Education’, for the rehabilitation education of the drug surrenderees.

The International Youth Fellowship Philippines also had a memorandum of understanding together with the Police College (President, General De Leon), and is set to bring 350 lecturers in the span of six months.

In addition, the city government of Tagum and IYF signed a memorandum of understanding on July 4 at the IYF center located in Quezon City, Manila. The partnership will start on August and will end on February next year.

 “A drug surrenderee is also a pillar of a family. What will happen to the family if the pillar of their family loses their lives to drugs … I thought about what can change their lives. I felt the immense importance on why we need the Mind Education of the IYF.”, Mayor Allan L. Rellon said.

The branch manager of the International Youth Fellowship Philippines saw this partnership as an exchange with the government. “The mind education for drug surrenderees in the Philippines became an important axis for the activities of the IYF… not only from public officials, but if the surrenderees also have a good reaction or feedback and if this education continues, the number of Filipinos escaping drug addiction and living a new life will increase.”, he shared in an interview.

The two parties are hoping to have a very meaningful and life-changing partnership with each other in serving the people. CHO SUNG HYUK/IYF


The Tagum City officials and International Youth Fellowship officials pose for a photo opportunity after concluding a MOU about the education program for rehabilitation for drugs surrenderees. IYF PHOTOS