Tagum City Scouting Festival 2019 successful

TAGUM CITY- Tagumenyo scouts that number to about 5,000 from the different schools and outfits in the city celebrated the scouting month by participating in the 2nd installment of the Tagum City Scouting Festival, with a theme, “Commitment to Excellence.”

The month-long series of activities started on October 2 with an early morning grand parade from the Rotary Park to the City Hall of Tagum where the formal opening ceremony was subsequently held.

Tagumenyo scouts from different ages also participated in separate scouting activities on October 19, with the Kid and Kab scouts participating in the Energy Park- held Kid and Kab Sayahan where young scouts showcased their talents in a yell competition, as well as other kid-friendly activities and parlor games. Meanwhile, the older scouts got to exhibit their talents in different arts during a talent competition held at the CityMall.

In the evening, the boy scouts, senior scouts, and rover scouts gathered around the campfire at Tagum City’s E-park and held the much anticipated Scout Palabas where they performed skits, parodies, and songs and dances.

Aside from the Scouting drills and Skill-o-Rama which were regular staples during the holding of the festival, the scouts’ skills were further tested through the Scouts Adventure Race, which included coordination and balancing games, water fun games, rappelling down from the 4th floor of the city hall, treasure hunt, and compass direction, among others.

The Tagum City Scouting Festival, which is a venue for Tagumenyo scouts to showcase the contribution of scouting to nation-building, is celebrated annually by the Tagum City Council of the Boy Scout of the Philippines, whose Chairperson is Tagum City Mayor Allan Rellon. (Miko Pongan/ CIO- Tagum)


Tagumenyo scouts of both sexes and different ages from different schools and outfits participate in the series of activities set for the month-long 2019 Tagum City Scouting Festival that include the Scout Adventure Race, and the Grand Parade, among others. Leo Timogan/CIO-Tagum