Tagum Police raids drug den anew; 4 drug personalities arrested

TAGUM CITY – In the police procedure that followed their buy-bust operation in the evening of March 14, 2019 against a person later correctly identified as Genelyn P. Solivel of Barangay West, the Tagum City Police eventually discovered a drug den in the barangay’s Purok Pagkakaisa in Misa District.

The said discovery led to the arrest of four other drug personalities, namely Tristan Anthony P. Cajes, Alberto J. Caňales, Sheila O. Pareňas and Josephine B. Cagadas, all residing in Purok Pagkakaisa.

Under coordination number ROXI 30004-032019-0126, the anti-illegal drug operation was jointly conducted by Tagum PNP’s Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) led by Intelligence Officer Eduardo Corpuz, under the direct supervision of Police Superintendent Philip Jefferson Ayban, the Officer-In-charge of the city’s police station, and the personnel of the Davao Region’s Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA XI) headed by Agent Clodito Caňada.

Solivel and Cajes sold to the team two pieces of heat-sealed transparent cellophane containing a substance believed to be shabu; the joint operatives later seized evidences such as one piece aluminium strip, a piece of rolled aluminium foil, two pieces of heat-sealed transparent cellophane containing shabu, an improvised tooter, a green-colored disposable lighter, and  a blue-colored disposable lighter with an aluminium needle attached thereto.

The estimated value of the confiscated drug is more or less 7,000 pesos as evidenced by the marked money used in the buy-bust.

As stated by the PNP Tagum in its Accomplishment Report, the arrest of the five persons, the second set of arrests made by the joint forces of the Tagum PNP and PDEA XI for the month of March alone, will cause the reduction of drug trading at Barangay Magugpo West.

The five arrested people were detained at the police station for appropriate legal action, while the pieces of confiscated evidence would be subjected to an investigation. (Rigor Mortis)


The arrested drug personalities following a buy-bust operation jointly conducted by the PNP Tagum and the PDEA XI are residents of Purok Pagkakaisa in Barangay Magugpo West’s Misa District (PNP Tagum)


Recovered from the arrested people are the seven thousand-peso marked money and drug paraphernalia. (PNP Tagum)