Tagum Public Market braces for ‘new normal’

Tagum City—Since this city has flattened the curve of COVID-19 positive cases with plans of shifting the status from Enhanced Community Quarantine to General Community Quarantine anytime soon, the City Economic Enterprise Office (CEEO) took the initiative of creating mechanisms to maintain and adhere social distancing in the public market.

Along with the launching of their slogan, “To Die or Not to Die; It’s Your Choice”, the office staff painted the floor of the market with foot markings where market goers should align themselves while making their transactions. These markings will serve as guides for people to properly observe physical distancing between them.

The wearing of masks and improvised personal protective equipment will still be strictly observed, said CEEO Manager Mary Grace Terante.

Further, the office, through its official Facebook page,  elicited suggestions and recommendations from the people of Tagum of what to retain, add, and strengthen on the current policies crafted for the market goers. This manifested the LGU’s prioritization of its people’s welfare by involving them in making market management guidelines.

As the “New Normal” is inevitable, the city government of Tagum hopes that people will still be cooperative of the guidelines and protocols for their own safety.

On that note, LGU-Tagum warned not to be complacent even after the last positive case has already recovered.

Mayor Allan L. Rellon, in his statement, emphasized the importance of collaborative effort in following protocols to combat this unseen, but fatal, enemy—the COVID-19. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum