Tagum wins Galing Pook award for job generation innovation

QUEZON CITY—The innovative job generation, livelihood monitoring and education initiatives mechanisms of the City Government of Tagum delivered the city’s second prestigious Galing Pook Award.

Mayor Allan L. Rellon successfully defended the Tagumpay Works Program as among the Top 10 Local Government Programs of the 2018 Galing Pook Awards, the pioneering program which searches and recognizes innovative practices by local government units across the Philippines.

The LGU heralded the innovations of its newly-minted Public Education and Employment Services Office (PEESO) in employment facilitation and livelihood programs and how it effectively infused education initiatives as tools for people empowerment.

“The Tagumpay Works Program has evolved from being a poverty alleviation mechanism into a platform for civic engagement and people empowerment,” Mayor Rellon stressed during the panel defense.

The creation of PEESO as the LGU’s brand-new department is dubbed as “first in the Philippines,” highlighting the unique approach in strengthening the link between education to employment.

This latest victory for Tagum did not come easy, as it underwent a rigorous screening process. From 152 entries nationwide, the national selection committee streamlined all entries to 30 semi-finalists and only 19 programs made it to the final panel presentation and defense.

Aside from the Tagumpay Works Program, the local government unit of Tagum also defended in the final phase its Balik Sigla and Tagumpay Gulayan Programs for a Healthy Community which landed on the 11th spot.

The awardees of the Galing Pook Award are chosen from a national search of local governance programs, evaluated through a multi-level screening process following the award’s criteria: positive results and impact, promotion of people’s participation and empowerment, innovation, transferability and sustainability, and efficiency of program service delivery.

In 2014, LGU Tagum won its first Galing Pook Award through its Night Market Program.

Mayor Rellon said this award shall continue to inspire his administration to further push for innovative governance for the benefit of the TagumenyosLouie Lapat/CIO Tagum


The Tagum City Delegation led by Mayor Allan L. Rellon pose for posterity after winning the prestigious Galing Pook Award for its Tagumpay Works Program. The said recognition was presented by Vice President Leni Robredo and Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco, Jr. at Novotel, Quezon City. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum


City Officials led by Mayor Allan L. Rellon pose with Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco, Jr. who is one of the presenters of the 2018 Galing Pook Awards in Novotel, Quezon City. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum


Tagum City Mayor Allan L. Rellon answers queries from the 19-man National Selection Committee during the final phase of the Galing Pook selection process. Two of the 19 national finalists are from Tagum: The Tagumpay Works Program and the Balik Sigla and Tagumpay Gulayan Programs for a Healthy Community. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum


Vice President Leni Robredo joins the Tagum City Delegation for a souvenir photo with the Tagum City National High School Dance Theatre Guild, who are invited by the Galing Pook Foundation as participants of the Bago Tayo Youth Governance Fair it co-organized with UNICEF, and as a performer in the annual Galing Pook Awards. Leo Timogan/CIO Tagum