Tagumenyo Campus journalists join forces for #ASEANJambo2017 coverage

TAGUM CITY – Aiming to step up its game in the aspect of documentation and coverage relative to the activities of the 6th ASEAN Scout Jamboree held in the city’s Energy Park, the City Government of Tagum which acts as a host of the newest edition of the biggest scouting event in Asia has effected four modes of disseminating the information culled from the daily coverage of the different modular activities that were conducted during the day.

Implemented by the Tagum City Information Office, which is concurrently the Sub-committee on Documentation and Media Affairs, in collaboration with a select set of campus journalists and their school paper advisors, these information are lobbed through print, radio, web TV and social media from November 27 to December 2, 2017.

The ASEAN Jam Daily is the official daily newsletter of the 6th ASEAN Scout Jamboree which is circulated a day after the scouting activities and other events have been covered. The daily bears articles that feature stories of hardships that are overcome, friendships amidst diversity, and challenging fun and excitement, among others.

The activities and such other events relating to the jamboree are also disseminated through the ASEAN Jam Radio which is broadcast live from a radio station in the City, and on ASEAN News Jambo Express, a pre-recording of news bits that are heard over the PublicAnnouncement system within the vicinities of the E-Park and the New City Hall.

The Documentation and Media Affairs Committee also produces the ASEAN Jam TV which is uploaded on the different websites and social media pages that are linked to the official social media platform of the 6th installment of this jamboree. The Web TV program has since featured the Deputy Camp Director on Administration, Jalmaida J. Morales of the BSP- Tagum City Council and her assistant deputy, Kenny Ralph S. Fernando from the BSP Headquarter.

The fourth mode for the dissemination of the coverage and documentation of the events of the current ASEAN Scout Jamboree is through the social media. With this platform, not only the participating scouts, their friends and families are able to check the videos and pictures taken during the conduct of the 12 modular activities, but also other viewers who are interested to learn about the jamboree, as these videos and photographs are uploaded to the different social media accounts of the 6th ASEAN Scout Jamboree and its linkages.

To get a copy of the ASEAN Jam Daily, one may go to the Media Center near the Epark’s Pasalubong Center. On the other hand, the Web TV program and the footages of the modular activities can be accessed through the respective official Facebook page and website of the 6th ASEAN Scout Jamboree and the City Government of Tagum. Richi Gulle/CIO Tagum


INSIDE THE WAR ROOM at Media Center. Student Journalists who volunteered to make the 6th Asean Scout Jamboree the most comprehensive scouting event are busy preparing their quad-media outputs. Roy Banias/CIO Tagum