Child-Friendly Government Center – Tagumpay Frontier

A happy place for kids, worry-free transaction for parents

Words By Richi Gulle

THE CITY GOVERNMENT of Tagum has been steadfast in its continued implementation of projects and programs that are deemed gender-responsive. These various undertakings promote the causes of women while at the same time ensuring that the male populace of the city do not get left behind. Thus, based on the above premise, the local government has initiated the implementation of a project that will stand to benefit both men and women who are actually part of the city’s transacting public.


In 2016, the City of Tagum has commenced the construction of its first ever childminding center to cater to the Tagumenyos who, having no one to leave their children with in their respective houses, opted to bring their kids with them while they spend a good number of their time transacting with the different offices at the city hall.


Implemented through the city’s Gender and Development Council, the project which cost is pegged at over 2.1 million pesos, is aimed at easing the taxing load shouldered by parents in relation to their looking out for their children while at the same time, going through their respective transactions or dealings at the city’s government center. This is done by temporarily allowing the parents to leave their children at the childminding center to be cared for by child minders who are employed by the local government.


This is also in line with the advocacy of the local government in pushing for a child-friendly local governance that has already been recognized by the Council for the welfare of children.


The center will be marginally different from the regular day care centers that are spread over the city’s 23 barangays in that it will be run solely for the purpose of providing supplemental parental care. Expected to be completed before the end of the current year, the 98 sq. m. center located in front of the iconic City Hall will feature facilities that would bring optimum comfort for the children, such as play area, lounge, a reading section replete with bookshelves, a diaper changing station near the comfort rooms, and a breast feeding area with cribs.


Notably, the local government unit of Tagum is also slated to build a second childminding center which is to be located between the City Hall building and the Annex Building. This 4 million-peso worth infrastructure will have the same features as the GAD-implemented center but on a larger scale, considering that it will be built on a 200 square meter area.

The implementers of the second project estimate that the center will be completed a hundred forty days following the commencement of its construction.

tagumpay-frontier-img tagumpay-frontier-img tagumpay-frontier-img SOON TO RISE: The Child Minding Center that is soon to rise side by side with the New City Hall will ease the taxing load shouldered by parents in transacting at the government center at the same time looking out for their young ones. The Child Minding Center features a nursing station, a play area, and a lounge. Artist’s Perspective courtesy of the City Architect’s Office.