In Sickness and for Health – Tagumpay Frontier

When the health once-treasured plummets, the LGU Tagum’s Medical Assistance Program can be anyone’s lifesaver

Words By Roy Banias

THINK ABOUT HEALTH and maybe what will go first to your mind is not the wealth it is said to bring but the fortune you are bound to spend for its upholding. But fortune is not at hand for everyone, which is why when illnesses come empty pockets will be giving you greater pain than the disease you are to embattle.


Fortunately, in moments like this Tagumenyos have something to run to as the Local Government of Tagum remains persistent in giving its constituents a program that assists them in their medical needs all throughout their struggle.


Through the medical assistance program dubbed as Kaagapay Pang-Medikal Program that is managed by the Social Services and Gender and Development Management under the City Mayor’s Office, Tagumenyos can ask for financial and medicine subsidies as well as referrals to medical centers and other organizations that also offer similar medical assistance to help ease the burden brought by health maladies they are experiencing.


In Davao Regional Medical Center, a station for the assistance program was placed by the LGU to cater patients admitted in the said hospital. To avail the financial support, with amount that depends on the patient’s medical case, the family member or any representative of the patient needs only to present the yellow card provided by the DRMC to claim the assistance in form of a guarantee letter, which will be honored by the medical center in lieu of cash to defray the patient’s laboratory, medicine or other hospital expenses.


Everyday more than 50 individuals go to the station to take advantage of the program. In 2016, a total of 7,431 DRMC patients benefitted the medical assistance, having received an aggregate value of 4.7 million pesos. For this year, at least 5 million pesos will be furnished by the city government in the operation of the Kaagapay program.


The Social Services Unit as headed by Ms. Anthonette Leones also extends sizeable financial aid to Tagumenyos who are undergoing expensive medical treatments such as chemotherapy and dialysis through the constant fiscal support of national party lists like Anak Mindanao (AMin), Yakap and Agri Partylist. The funds provided by these big political organizations will be used also in assisting needy patients who are admitted in private hospitals.


Meanwhile, for Tagumenyos who are prescribed to buy medicines but can’t afford to do so, the Social Services Unit also gives free medicinal drugs. Ms. Grazelyn Lauren, Focal Person of Kaagapay Program, said that anyone can avail the free medicines as long as there is the supply and that the individual brings the prescription of the doctor.


Ms. Lauren also emphasized that their unit, as per mandate of Mayor Allan Rellon, never hesitates in helping Tagumenyos who are going through one of the discouraging moments in their life. She stressed that the city government is one with the patients in the fight to end their suffering.


Certainly, the Kaagapay Pang-Medikal Program is a part and parcel of the EAGLE WINGS vision of making the entire Tagumenyo populace healthy and wealthy.

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