Winning the ‘War on Drugs’ Means Saving Lives – Tagum Photographer

President Duterte made himself clear when he took his office more than a year ago. His promise of eradicating drug abuse was evident during the first few months of his service and it was coated with blood. Many vigilantes and public officials stepped up to support him and even many more criticized his new way of dealing with things. But he did not show his fear, instead, he challenged those who criticize him and the drug lords to fight him head on. His leadership inspired many and led to programs that champion the appreciation of lives of the drug dependents destroyed by illegal drugs.

The local government unit of Tagum under the leadership of Mayor Allan L. Rellon saw this war an opportunity to help our fellow Tagumenyos to achieve quality life. Thus, the formulation and implementation of the Seryosong Tagumenyos Ayaw Ng Droga (STAND) Program. Here are some photos taken on the duration of the program in the city.

tagumpay-frontier-img Mayor Allan L. Rellon showing his determination to help his constituents during his welcoming speech at the orientation held at the atrium of the New City Hall. tagumpay-frontier-img The first step of the program is the identification conducted by PNP’s Double Barrel Program (Oplan Tokhang and Taphang) followed by the presentation of those who surrendered. They are called TADS or Tagumenyos Against Drugs to avoid social stigma. tagumpay-frontier-img TADS crowded the bulletin board as they affix their signatures showing their eagerness to join the program. tagumpay-frontier-img Step 3 is profiling which requires TADS to submit their personal data for record purposes. It should also contain a narrative of how they started using drugs, how it affected their lives, and how they intend to change. tagumpay-frontier-img A drug dependent is captured crying as he’s reminded of his values with the presence of a family member during the values enhancement seminar which is one of the interventions of the program. tagumpay-frontier-img TADS raising their hands in worship as part of the moral and spiritual development intervention. tagumpay-frontier-img The Fun Run is one of the many physical fitness activities spearheaded by the LGU thru the City Sports Development Office. tagumpay-frontier-img The client caresses his arm after some exchanges with his psychologist. tagumpay-frontier-img TADS submitting their urine samples for drug testing. This is necessary to monitor their progress as former drug dependent. tagumpay-frontier-img Hundreds of graduates of the STAND program all seated at the atrium ready to accept their Certificate of Interventions Compliance and be full pledged STAND (SERYOSONG TAGUMENYOS AYAW NG DROGA).