Tagum’s Income Forum highlights private sector participation

TAGUM CITY—The city’s Private and Business Sector score a voice anew in the budgeting process of the Local Government of Tagum after being duly represented in the latter’s exclusive roundtable assembly known as Income Forum held May 19 to 20, 2017 at Davao City.

The forum focused on the budget planning on income estimates of the local government for the year 2018, which kicked off the tedious budgeting process of the LGU as it prepares for the next fiscal year.

During the forum, Virgilio Agunod, CPA of Tagum City Chamber of Commerce took the opportunity of raising the concerns of his fellow businessmen, especially those that relate to their welfare. He also extended his appreciation to the local government for launching the initiative of tapping the business sector to join in such crucial process.

Representatives from Tagum City Bankers Association and Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce were also present during the budget planning. They also constitute Tagum City’s Local Finance Committee, representing the Civil Society Organizations, together with the organic offices of LGU Tagum such as the City Budget Office, City Treasurer’s Office and the City Economic Enterprises Office, among others.

Mayor Allan Rellon pointed out that the participation of the private sector is part of his advocacy for an ‘open government’ wherein the City Government of Tagum had opened its doors for the private and other sectors to pitch in their ideas and concepts in the planning and decision-making activities of the local government.

This initiative is seen to eradicate the culture of secrecy in government as this promotes a participatory kind of local government administration.

Meanwhile, the projected revenue of the City Government of Tagum for the year 2018, which was the result of the forum, was pegged at P1,319,335,455 with an equivalent increase of around 5.8% compared to P1,246,440,370 target income for 2017. This will be the basis for the city government to shape the projects and programs that will be implemented next year.

The forum was followed with the monthly accomplishment report of the LGU’s Department Heads and the Executive-Legislative Agenda of the local chief executive and the 7th City Council. Roy Banias/CIO Tagum

Mayor Allan Rellon stresses a point during the Income Forum last May 19-20, 2017 at Davao City. During the roundtable discussion, the local chief executive emphasized the importance of the participation of the private and business sector in the decision-making activities of the City Government of Tagum as part of their campaign for an ‘open government’. Roy Banias/CIO Tagum